Primary RSE Training 20 March 2019

Teaching RSE with Confidence in Primary Schools- One Day

TeachSRE are our training partners and run courses using our materials.

On these courses participants will;

  • Be introduced to a whole school approach to RSE
  • Discuss what to teach when
  • Explore resources
  • Address concerns such as answering pupils questions and informing parents
  • Understand how to keep lessons safe and age appropriate
  • Get up to date policy information
  • Explore links between RSE and safeguarding

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Stocks Low

Due to recent increased demand our stocks of Teaching SRE with Confidence in Primary Schools CDs are very low but we can still provide you with a download of the resource.  Our intention is to update and re-print over the summer holidays, so schools will again have the choice whether to purchase a CD or a download from September onwards.

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Teaching SRE with Confidence in Primary Schools

20 March 2018

A one-day training course, providing participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to plan and deliver high quality, age appropriate Sex and Relationships Education in Primary Schools. The course is based on the award winning ‘Teaching SRE with Confidence in Primary Schools’ by CWP

During the day we will cover:

  • Best classroom practice
  • Dealing with questions, setting ground rules and managing parental concerns
  • Developing age appropriate, whole school, SRE
  • Update on policy and curriculum requirements
  • Exploring quality resources and support

Suitable for teachers and PSHE Co-ordinators.

£200 including lunch
Venue: Shelter, Garrett Street, EC1Y 0TY

To book a place contact: Andrew Pembrooke on  / 0208 405 9343


12 JUNE 2017

To book a place contact: Andrew Pembrooke on  / 0208 405 9343

The aim of the course is to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to plan and deliver outstanding SRE.

The course will cover:

  • Best classroom practice using CWP materials
  • Dealing with questions, setting ground rules and managing parental concerns
  • Developing age appropriate, whole school, SRE programmes
  • Update policy and curriculum requirements

The training will use active learning methods to encourage participants to share any relevant experience, address key concerns and discuss appropriate classroom practice. The course is suitable for teaching staff who are responsible for co-ordinating SRE across the school; those who are teaching SRE to a different year group than previously; and those who have never had any training in SRE or are about to teach SRE for the very first time.  Group sizes will be kept small.

Venue: Central London


Teaching SRE with Confidence in Secondary Schools has been awarded the PSHE Association Quality Mark.  CWP’s third resource to achieve this recognition.

What the PSHE Association says:

‘Teaching SRE with Confidence in Secondary Schools’ sets out to develop skills and attributes such as respect, self-esteem, empathy and communication and negotiation skills that help secondary pupils to stay safe both online and offline and make informed decisions in relationships. ‘Teaching SRE with Confidence’ provides a spiral curriculum for sex and relationships education (SRE) to be taught as part of a wider PSHE education programme. Each scheme of work has a set of three interconnected lesson plans and supporting teacher guidance. Visit the CWP website for more information on the resource and how to order PSHE Association Subject Specialist, Karen Summers says: ‘This revised edition of Teaching SRE with Confidence in Secondary Schools provides teachers with a flexible and comprehensive resource to teach key aspects of Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) for key stage 3 and 4 pupils as part of a developmental PSHE education scheme of work. The resource helps to develop skills and attributes required to understand safe use of social media, personal safety, sexual exploitation, sexual bullying, consent, pornography. Lesson plans are well-structured and pupil activities are stimulating and engaging. In addition, advice is given on how to assess and evaluate pupils’ learning experiences. This resource will make a valuable contribution to PSHE teaching and is both inclusive and relevant to young peoples’ lives.’


Talking to Year 6 about FGM: a CWP Pilot project in East London

Last week we delivered the first CWP ‘Keeping yourself safe, including FGM’ lesson to five Year 6 classes in two primary schools in Hackney as part of a pilot project funded by Hackney Council.  The purpose of the pilot is to learn how best to engage with the school community, including parents and carers, when tackling this sensitive subject.  A model process will be developed which includes policy and curriculum development, training and community consultation.  This will be rolled out to other Hackney schools where FGM is a cause for concern.

Having consulted widely both within the school and outside* we developed an age appropriate lesson that complimented CWP’s existing SRE lessons for Year 6.  We covered issues of how to keep safe and be in control of your body, what FGM is, and where to go for help.  We co-delivered the lessons with great engagement and support from all the teachers in both schools. The classes were mixed sex and the children responded maturely and thoughtfully to this sensitive and challenging topic.

As with all CWP lessons the children were given the opportunity to write down their anonymous questions.  The children asked questions about puberty, body changes and sexual behaviours as well as some questions around FGM: why people do it?  What happens to the girl /women who has had it done?  Can they still have a baby?  CWP’s approach is that if a child has asked a question then it should be answered in an appropriate way at the right time.  During the pilot all the anonymous questions were reviewed with the schools’ senior leadership teams for safeguarding purposes.

The pilot is coming to an end and on the whole it’s been a great success.   We’ve been delighted with the support and commitment shown by the two schools.  The leadership has been proactive and supportive, ensuring meetings are scheduled with the right people and also arranging for all teaching and support staff, including office, facilities and catering staff, to attend a half-day training before we developed and delivered the lesson.   We delivered 4 half-day sessions to enable participation from all staff.  Teachers’ classes were covered so they could attend.  This worked really well and there was high-level engagement and great discussions in all sessions, even some thought provoking role-plays!

*Being based in Bristol I have been able to consult with head teacher at St Werburghs, Claire Banks and also Liza Zimmerman and the young people from Integrate Bristol who shared their ideas and resources on initiating a conversation with primary school children around FGM. 

Jo Feather is a freelance consultant.

For further information on the Hackney FGM project contact 


Support the #PSHE Bill

Tomorrow is the Second Reading of the PSHE Bill.  CWP support the Bill and statutory SRE.   Why not show your support with ‘selfie’ pictures via twitter and a tweet saying why you back the bill – use the #PSHEBill hashtag.