Coalition Thinking – status of SRE

Under the new coalition government the status of sex and relationship education has not changed at present. The Schools White Paper “The Importance of Teaching” published in November 2010 states that children need high-quality sex and relationships education so they can make wise and informed choices. Therefore the most up-to-date legislation relating to sex and relationships education (SRE) are contained within the Education Act (1996) and the Learning and Skills Act (2000).

The requirements are that: it is compulsory for all maintained schools to teach some parts of sex education i.e. the biological aspects of puberty, reproduction and the spread of viruses. These topics are statutory parts of the National Curriculum Science which must be taught to all pupils of primary and secondary age. There is also a requirement for secondary schools to teach about HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections as part of the National Curriculum Science. See SEF Briefing, CURRENT status of Sex and Relationships Education, Sex Ed Forum, March 2011