CWP in Northumberland – SRE Core Curriculum

Northumberland Teenage Pregnancy Team commissioned CWP to develop a web-based SRE resource.  This service aims to support teachers and other professional educators to deliver excellent, high quality SRE for all children and young people in Northumberland.

The website is now active and professionals can access:

  • A consistent, evidence-based approach to the delivery of SRE, supporting schools to build on what they already deliver in line with best practice
  • The means to provide good quality SRE to all children and young people
  • A programme of study that is cohesive and spirals from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 4

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CWP training in the South Atlantic

Following a hectic December I now have time to reflect on our trips to Ascension Island and St Helena, two islands more than 700 miles apart and about midway between the coast of Africa and Brazil.  This project was commissioned by Options UK following our successful training in the Falkland Islands in 2010, and was funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), to improve SRE for young people on the islands.

Tierl Thompson and myself made two separate trips to the islands.  We flew to Ascension from Brize Norton with the RAF and headed to St Helena from Cape Town via the Royal Mail Ship which took a grand total of 6 days at sea.

Despite being UK territories, both islands are extremely remote.   Local professionals and families welcome support for improving the sexual health of young people and maintaining safeguarding standards.  CWP were warmly received on both islands and were soon facilitating whole school or multi agency training that included teachers, nurses, social workers, police and youth workers.  After considering general principles of good SRE the groups were introduced to CWP resources and methods of delivering and everyone participated enthusiastically in a day of active learning, sharing practice and trying out model lessons and activities. This was followed up with our signature in-class training where teachers were offered coaching and support in the classroom with their pupils.  The lessons focused on puberty, healthy relationships and self esteem, safer sex and HIV awareness, confidentiality, consensual sex, recognizing and managing risk and accessing services.

Following the in-class training, teachers at Two Boats School, Ascension and Prince Andrew and St Paul’s on St Helena all reported feeling confident to continue teaching SRE and better able to cascade the training to other members of staff.

I also met with St Helena’s health promotion officer and held a workshop with a team of HIV peer educators to review their action plans and develop further strategies to enhance HIV action and awareness on the island. Activities to raise awareness and commemorate World Aids day on Dec 1st were discussed and planned.

As yet there is no airport on St Helena and we found ourselves part of the great debate concerning the recent contract awarded to a South African company to open a runway.  With three of the contractors onboard our ship there were a variety of views aired on what the island would lose and/or gain from the development.  It was clear that making the island accessible to more overseas visitors would have an impact on the three thousand six hundred inhabitants, especially children and young people.

It was a privilege to meet colleagues working in such isolated conditions who showed great commitment to the well being of the children and young people in their care.   I was touched to see how enthusiastic people were to use our materials and to know that a part of CWP will stay in the South Atlantic.