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Teaching with Confidence

South Atlantic

Team members visited the Falkland Islands when Options UK commissioned CWP to provide and deliver a package of support for teachers and health professionals. Following a very positive evaluation of CWP Resources approach a further commission was made for two more South Atlantic islands: St Helena and Ascension. Trips were made to both islands where we were able to implement training and consultancy programmes to meet the needs of professionals in education and sexual health. During the visit we were able to visit several schools and worked in the classrooms. We were pleased to meet so many children, teachers, governors and school nurses on these very special islands.


CWP worked with PaLM, a small NGO which works between London and Mtwara in Southern Tanzania. We supported PaLM with expertise and resources in sexual and reproductive health and education. Volunteers observed CWP trainers in schools in London in order to gain valuable information concerning the delivery of effective RSE and how to train other professionals.