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Teaching with Confidence

Our In-Class training programme aims to improve the quality of PSHE education by increasing teacher confidence in planning, delivery and assessment.

CWP trainers work alongside teachers in the classroom, modelling and supporting the delivery of RSE and Drug and Alcohol Education. CWP have devised model lessons for each year group. All lessons have a clear structure, are age appropriate and reflect Statutory Guidance. The lessons are designed to demonstrate a wide range of teaching methodologies to equip teachers with the skills to deliver effective RSE and Drug and Alcohol Education. All lessons have clear aims and learning outcomes.

The Programme
  1. Initial briefing facilitated by a CWP trainer where all staff are introduced to the programme and participating teachers discuss the lesson plans, agree aims and negotiate team teaching.
  2. Delivery of three supported lessons:
    • Lesson 1
      Demonstrated by CWP trainer
    • Lesson 2
      Team taught with CWP trainer leading
    • Lesson 3
      Teacher leading and CWP trainer supporting
  3. Teachers have time to reflect and to modify the lessons where necessary. Between each lesson the teacher and trainer meet to discuss progress, plan and reflect.
  4. All participating teachers complete a pre and post evaluation form which enables them to assess their progress and helps CWP to measure the impact of their work.